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Course Creators

Are you an educator with a passion for sharing knowledge? Perhaps you’re an expert in your field looking to expand your reach? Apiary LMS provides a robust platform that caters to both aspiring and seasoned course creators. Whether you’re a university professor, corporate trainer, or independent specialist, Apiary LMS empowers you to craft immersive learning experiences.

How to become a content creator

Have an amazing idea that people would want to know and learn (this could be coding, graphic design, fitness, web devopment, the list is endless!)

Have experience in your chosen field. Now we don’t expect you to have a masters but you need to have an idea how your audience could learn about your course in engaging and inciteful ways

How to become a content creator

Fill out the application box and get the ball rolling into a new revenue stream for your ideas.

Hey presto! We put your course on our course listing page and you can now earn income from your ideas. Magic!

Once you’re happy, create your course on our easy to use LMS system

User Friendly Interface

Our platform boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring that you don’t need to be a tech wizard to get started. Create and manage courses with ease.

Rich Media Integration

Apiary LMS supports various multimedia formats, allowing you to enrich your courses with videos, presentations, quizzes, and interactive elements.


Tailor your courses to your unique teaching style. Apiary LMS offers customisation options for layouts, and assessment methods.

AI Chatbot Use

Apiary LMS enhances learner engagement through AI-powered chatbots that provide support 24/7. These chatbots offer instant responses to learners’ questions, reducing frustration and enhancing engagement. They also streamline support by handling routine questions, allowing your support staff to focus on more complex issues.

Course Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with Apiary LMS’s robust analytics suite. Our tools help you track learner progress, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and understand student engagement. This data is crucial for refining your teaching methods and updating course materials.

Monetise Course Creation

With Apiary LMS, your expertise can become a source of income. You can set flexible pricing models, reach a global audience, and rely on secure transaction processing.

Course Creation Tool

Our course creation tool streamlines content development. A drag-and-drop builder lets you create modules easily, while content versioning ensures your materials stay consistent and up-to-date. You can also collaborate with other experts to create exceptional courses.

Powerful Quiz Builder

Apiary LMS’s robust quiz builder makes assessment easier and more effective. Create a wide variety of questions, benefit from automated grading, and build a reusable question bank.

AI Course Content Tool

Stay ahead with Apiary LMS’s AI Course Content Tool. It automatically updates your content based on the latest trends and can generate course information for you.

Course Promotion and Marketing

Creating a great course is just the beginning. Apiary LMS offers a dedicated marketing dashboard, seamless social media integration, and the ability to market your courses on our platform. Track your campaigns with our detailed analytics to refine your marketing strategies.