Here for

Here For Learners ?

Here For Learning ?

I’m a learner

I want to explore courses or training

We’re a college, business or course creator

We want to put our courses or training online

We’re a learning provider

We want to find learners for our courses

We’re a learning provider

We want to find learners for our courses

We help Learners find courses

If you’re reading this card, you’re probably a Learner looking for a career-boost. Maybe you’re bored, fed-up or underpaid? Or maybe you’re got an interest you want to turn into income or keep having fun with? You’re in the right place. Let’s find the best course for you.

What kind of courses?

We work with universities, colleges, training companies and expert course creators. You’ll find accredited and non-accredited courses, vocational and academic ones too. Everything from rail traineeships to mental health management and sports coaching. There’s a whole hive of options.

How do courses take place?

Good question. Most happen online but some take place in person. Sometimes you’re required to attend learning on specific dates. Others are totally on-demand (meaning you can access online whenever to fit flexibly around your life). Just check the specifics of each course.

Is LearnerBee credible?

Yessiree, we are. We’ve got high standards and work with some of the UK’s top colleges and training providers. Plus, we’ve worked with over 14,000 Learners so far and 93% say we’ve helped them and their career prospects (we’re pretty chuffed about that).

Are LearnerBee courses free?

Yes and no. Some LearnerBee courses are free because they’re funded by the government or other bodies. Some LearnerBee courses are self-funded by the Learner (you folks). If the course you’re interested in isn’t free, we give a load of options for financing to spread costs. We want to make it as affordable as possible.

Our marketing services for Learner Providers

If you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re a university, college, course-provider or creator that needs help. If you’re annoyed courses aren’t being filled, you’re struggling to get the word out, or you feel frustrated with low conversions, our marketing services exist for you.

Our DIWM marketing services

Our most popular option. Short for ‘do-it-with-me’, these services are about collaboration. For example, you might have the course delivery and management locked down but need help with reaching potential Learners. Or you might need help converting leads. Whatever your goals, we can partner with you to help you get 'em stress-free.

Our DIFM marketing services

Short for ‘do-it-for-me’ we offer a more hands-off approach to making money from courses. Maybe you have a pot of funding to use and want to subcontract it out? Or perhaps you need help turning your knowledge into a fun, digestible course? That’s what we do.

Our DIY marketing services

If you want to stay in-house but want proven training, processes, guides and systems for your own team, we got you. We’ll share some of our best performing off-the-shelf strategies and teach you how to implement them to get super fast results. Buzzing.

Tell me more about the LearnerBee team?

Our hive is based in South Yorkshire and we’ve 10 years of experience working with Learning Providers. We love connecting Learners with life-changing opportunities. As well as making the process smooth for Learner Providers. Our Bees are awesome, senior marketers with specialisms in funnel-building, automation, email, web, SEO, social media, Google Ads, the lot. 

Our LMS system for Learner Providers

If you’re on here, we’re guessing you’re a course-provider or creator that needs help. If you’re frustrated at costs like classroom hire, tutors, manual reporting etc; concerned Learners need a more flexible solution to traditional learning; or feel your current UX, UI and LMS isn’t cutting the mustard, we can solve it.

Who are LMS’s good for?

Unis, colleges, training companies, or course creators. Basically anyone offering teaching. Our LMS tech has been designed to help you manage and deliver educational courses, as well as track the progress of your Learners and interact with them too. It’s an all-in-one solution. Easy and sweet as honey.

What’s the LMS benefits?

Here is a bunch of powerful and smooth features:

We work with Referral Partners

If you’re a part of a service like National Probation Service, JobCentre Plus, Councils or a similar kind of agencies, then we partner with you folks. We love to collaborate so that together, we can get people you work with into a job or career that they can succeed in.

How we partner

Want to access more opportunities? Need to get folk you work with into inspiring careers? Frustrated at the lack of help? We get it. We work with agencies across the UK and have honey-bags of experience in this area.

Let’s talk?

Our Referral Partner relationships are often done on a case-by-case basis. We’d love to have a chat with you and figure out your specific needs. Want to build a win-win partnership and get your people buzzing about their prospects? Great. We do too.

LearnerBee took time to understand the business need and tailor their support to ensure success. The Learner Bee team have been a valuable part of the business growth strategy.

Training Provider

We’ve tried multiple LMS platforms, but LearnerBee stands out. Its user-friendly interface, customisable modules, and real-time analytics have transformed our training processes. It’s made onboarding and continuous learning seamless. Highly recommend.


The HGV course was engaging, comprehensive, and structured in a way that I found easy to grasp. I landed a job shortly after completing the course! I’m now enjoying my new career path, and I owe a massive thank you to LearnerBee.